10 Things to Avoid When You Quit Smoking

We all want this quit to be the quit — the one that lasts us a lifetime. We’re looking for permanent freedom from nicotine addiction when we stub out the last cigarette, signaling the beginning of smoking cessation — even though most of us doubt our ability to succeed for the long-term. However, with some education about what to expect when we quit smoking and a few tools to help us along, we can all find the freedom we dream so much of — a life that no longer includes even the slightest thought of smoking or the smallest twinge of desire for a cigarette.

Misconceptions about the nature of addiction and the process of quitting tobacco can set smokers who are trying to quit up for failure. Build a strong quit program by educating yourself about the process of recovery from nicotine addiction.

Learning about common pitfalls puts you in the best position to avoid them and finally become smoke-free.


It is a natural tendency to quit smoking and expect to be over it within a month. That would be nice (very nice!), but it doesn’t work that way.

Smoking cessation is a process, not an event.

When we quit smoking, we’re letting go of a habit that most of us have carried for many years, if not all of our adult lives. It’s only fair to expect that breaking down the old associations that tied us to smoking and replacing them with new, healthier habits will take some time. Sit back, relax, and think of time as one of your best quit buddies. The more of it you put between you and that last cigarette you smoked, the stronger you’ll become. Have patience with yourself, and with the process.

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