Cigarettes would be lethal

A new type of drug, known as the Electronic Cigarette (e-cigarettes) are currently advertised various brands as “harmless” and many unsuspecting consumers, especially young people, now lured into smoking by this advertising tactics, Pakistan now has learned.
It should be noted here that in contrast to how these cigarettes are advertised, they do not represent an alternative to quit smoking and TheWorld Health Organization, declaring them to be deadly as normal cigarettes, banned their ads.

WHO also said companies should stop marketing them that way, especially since the product may undermine smoking prevention efforts because they look like real cigarettes and may lure non-smokers, including children.
Network of electronic cigarettes is growing rapidly in Pakistan, as manufacturers spread their e-cigarette electronic devices in over 200 cities and towns, including many villages across the country. In an interview with Pakistan today, the official representative of the Department of Health asked not to be named, said that the agency received reports of an increase in respect of electronic cigarettes, especially in young people from elite schools. According to him, the problem is that e-cigarettes are a stylish, thin and looked like a real cigarette; young people across the country became attracted to him, and worst of all, that non-smokers were too dependent on him, believing him to be harmless.

“These e-cigarettes can affect the Government’s anti-smoking campaign, as these cigarettes can be used in all areas where smoking is prohibited, such as hotel rooms, airports, and railway stations and even in the room,” he said, adding that, since no Studies were conducted on the subject, the exact position was unknown.
In an interview with Pakistan today, the WHO coordinator in Pakistan, tobacco, Shahzad Alam Khan said that the electronic cigarette does not have free health hazards and given clear guidance on the public use of electronic cigarettes. He said that the biggest threat to health experts is that the electronic cigarette manufacturers were marketing their products to young people who become dependent on them, thinking they are harmless.

According to him, recent statistics show teenagers are becoming more dependent on smoking than adults, because products such as electronic cigarettes have been marketed with false statements. According to him, the electronic cigarette nicotine is contained, which was very exciting, and this can lead to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and restrict blood to the heart muscle.
In an interview with Pakistan today, the electronic cigarette importer Khalid Hayat claim that electronic cigarettes are an exact copy of the original cigarette and had no harmful ingredients to human health, adding that they are economic and are an effective way for those who are addicted smokers who want to quit smoking smoking. When asked why distributors theingredients hide in their advertising, he said that there is no need to advertise the components because they are harmless. He said e-cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes and shisha. He said that most of his customers were trying to quit smoking e-cigarettes and helped them.

When asked why they were selling their products via the Internet, he replied that it was easier to sell them online. He said that cigarettes were four basic tastes such as high, medium, low and zero nicotine thickness cartridges in accordance with the requirements of different smokers.
The devices in the form of cigarettes and contain a battery that heats the filament to vaporize the liquid nicotine in a reusable cartridge.
Electronic Cigarette creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere, and was eulogized by authoritative experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Rafique Anjum, said in Pakistan, said e-cigarettes have not been distributed, but it can be dangerous to health due to inhalation of diethylene glycol, nicotine and other toxic components.
He said that the completion of the bottle may contain about one gram of nicotine and its use to 30 to 60 mg may be fatal for adults and 10 mg for children. He said drug abuse is becoming a habit, and when a non-smoker or smoker once to see a man smoking electronic cigarettes in public places there would be no chance that they will also restart or to engage in smoking again.
Kashif Aftab, a student at a private college, said that Pakistan today he was once a hookah, and after watching the electronic cigarette flavored with fruit and chocolate, he started using it too. He said that the economic and RS700 are available for Rs4500 in the box. He said e-cigarettes have not been available in the markets, so it’s easy to e-cigarettes are commonly referred to as a distributor on your mobile and placed his order. He said that he did not know, e-cigarettes were dangerous or not, because their ingredients were not declared. He admitted that he felt the same desire in his heart for smoking electronic cigarettes, as he was for a normal cigarette, because he felt good after it puffs

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