Daily smoking is a risk of danger

This is not an uncommon sight: a small group of people – some with drinks in their hands – with a cigarette in close proximity to a noisy party. If you ask them, although they can claim, “I do not do this all the time” or “Just when I was blow for blow.”
Those who take part in it are believed to occupy a sort of middle ground between nonsmokers and smokers grade. In fact, it’s almost addicted smokers, even in the act of smoking rather than the cigarette itself.

“(Out of social smoking) is difficult … for people who get to say, three or four cigarettes a day, or who only smoke on vacation, or only smoke when they drink, they very much appreciate those cigarettes,” said Nikki Hiller, health and program coordinator of Champaign-Urbana area in public health. “A lot of times they like a child themselves, and they deny the harm they do to their bodies.”
That is why, in a sense, it can be just as difficult to quit smoking as a random dependent, because the prolonged psychological effect. Although it is not perfect-smokers believe that it is not so important as the real thing, he can get to be less than: “I can quit at any time” and a perpetual “It would not hurt just one more” issue.

In addition, this social smoking session usually takes place during the party or group of functions that makes it more acceptable and more seemingly low-key. These parties, in many cases do tend to be connected as smoking and alcohol use, risky combination.
“When (the party), start to drink, their inhibitions lower, and I think that makes it difficult not to smoke,” said Hiller. “(Nicotine) is a very addictive substance, and so that there, with those below the bans, people are starting to make bad decisions.” Although social smoking in moderation, it can also have negative consequences for health.

“The more you smoke, the worse for you, but even light smoking can cause many health effects that regular smoking causes,” said Hiller. “Thus, the output is actually the best option for people.” Coverage of every once in a while it might seem that this is not a big deal at the time, but in fact it is more harmful when started at a young age. The lungs are still developing, have something to lose, health wise.
Do not be fooled. Do not let the social aspect of it and its temporary nature to make you think that it is easier to quit smoking. Closely related concept goes for smoking other types of substances – other drugs have a similar effect of habituation, and they are still harmful to the lungs.

With this in mind, casual smokers have their own reasons for lighting. “I’m actually kind of started all by it. I know many people around me were doing, and I decided to try and see how it was,” said Kasi Bowman, freshman in LAS. “And before I started, of course, I had to do my research on this, but I just tried it and I guess I started to like it.” And Bowman and Roxanne Devriendt, a newcomer to the DSU, and began to smoke their senior year of high school.

“I smoke with my friends – this is definitely a social thing, but I smoke myself and” Devriendt says. “As if I have a lot of time between the class and I try to spend the time I go to the store and just grab smoke.”Another layer of the social problem of smoking is that it is not always at the parties. On the contrary, in many cases, random smokers use it as a way to relieve stress or personal reflection.
“(Daily smoking) form of certain types of additional control over my mind and my body, which is actually a peace to me,” Bowman said. In any case, social smoking may seem like an easy question, but it should be noted that this may have adverse long-term consequences if it goes unchecked. To the resources available to the cessation of smoking, accidentally or not, the Champaign-Urbana Health District and the McKinley Health Center as the local programs and tools to achieve your goals.

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