Smokefree legislation/initiatives

The FCTC is not yet effective in Algeria, although it was ratified in 2006. Smokefree legislation exists but it is not strictly enforced. Most provisions have happened since 2001 (copies supplied). Smoking is banned in hospitals (since 2007), public transport, educational establishments, places serving food and drink, and some administrations and businesses. Policies in these places are effective due to ministerial instruction of Public Health and because of associations and the media. (Legislation supplied).

2007 – Smoke-free-environments for children in Algeria: Information and advocacy in collaboration with UICC
2008 – Workers without smoke program initiated by ACS which aims to increase the number of workplaces and healthcare institutions that are smokefree.

Algeria is finally pursuing the development of a National Tobacco Control Program with national experts, in collaboration with all parties, to create a government-led program that guarantees the implementation of laws and measures, including prevention of exposure to secondhand smoke. It has concrete objectives to achieve within the next three years, and which must be approved by the Ministry of Health and other relevant ministries. This program is a real challenge for Algeria, and its work will begin in 2009.

Activities will include promotions to protecting the health of young people and non-smokers; dissemination of information on the health effects of tobacco use; using local information, media and advocacy campaigns, with a focus on children.
Sharing training and experiences of organisations working in advocacy and media relations.
Collection of data on smokefree.
Developing methodology for collecting tobacco information related to French and Arabic-speaking people in Algeria
Creation and dissemination of adaptable fact sheets in local languages .
Using and dissemination of information-related skills.
Mobilising the media, associations, schools, and communities around initiatives to create smokefree environments for children.

Smokefree resources available in 2009

See initiatives above
Office of tobacco control in the Ministry of Health
Algerian tobacco control legislation
FCTC ratification
Health professionals
Tobacco control NGOs

Public education materials/implementation or enforcement materials

Ennour had a smokefree campaign on World Cancer Day (4 February 2008)

Needs related to implementing smokefree policies

Support for achieving the goals of the National Tobacco Control Progam.

Factors helping or hindering the implementation of Article 8

The involvement of all ministries concerned with this issue and civil society

Other countries that have influenced smokefree laws


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