Burkina Faso

Smokefree legislation/initiatives

The current national smokefree regulation covers healthcare, educational and government facilities, as well as some indoor workplaces. It is not well enforced.

Smokefree legislation/initiatives are twofold – led by civil society and by the government. At the civil society level, there is more action in terms of raising public awareness about the effects of tobacco use. At national level, there is recognition that tobacco is harmful, but few actions have been taken. However, it is worth noting that Burkina Faso is adhering to the FCTC process, even though it is not yet implemented. The government has elaborated a national tobacco control plan

There is a tobacco control focal point at the Ministry of Health. Starting to develop an action plan and revising smokefree regulations. New smokefree legislation is being drafted in accordance with Article 8 of the FCTC, with the support of a Bloomberg Initiative grant.

There have been recent problems with tobacco industry infiltration of the government.

Smokefree resources available in 2009

Several organisations are involved in tobacco control. Not all are listed. Most have no website.
SOS/Jeunesse et Défis (SOS/JD) http://sosjeunesse.ifrance.com/
Jeunesse solidaire chaine de l’amitié (JSCA)
Union des associations contre le tabac (UACT)
Association zeems taaba (AZT)
Afrique contre le Tabac (ACONTA)
Convention pour la culture de la paix (CCP)
Association pour la protection des couches vulnérables du centre nord (APVCN)
Association trait d’union des jeunes burkinabé (ATUJB)
Association lagme yinsgo (ALY)
Association veenem paalga (AVEPA)

Bloomberg Initiative grants
Union des Associations de Lutte Contre le Tabac (UACT)
Project to strengthen existing smokefree policies and advertising bans
Department of Family Health
Project to strengthen tobacco control by developing a strategic plan and a law on tobacco control

Needs related to implementing smokefree policies

Support for tobacco control laws.
Multi-sectoral plan of action against tobacco.
Pleas with the Ministry of Health on the necessity of drafting a national tobacco control action plan.

Factors helping or hindering the implementation of Article 8

Political activists
Tobacco industry influence

Other countries that have influenced smokefree laws

France, USA.

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