Smokefree legislation/initiatives

Current national smokefree legislation covers healthcare, educational and government facilities. It is poorly enforced. New tobacco control legislation, compliant with the FCTC, has been drafted but it has not been voted on yet. However, progress is being made.
A multisectorial body on the FCTC was set up in 2004. It has carried out many activities with NGOs. After FCTC ratification (2006) some organizations decided to declare workplaces smokefree, including the urban community of Yaoundé (the capital of Cameroon). After WNTD 2007 many institutions and secondary schools were declared smokefree. The ministry of secondary education and some societies also went smokefree. Public buildings related to the Ministry of Health were already smokefree.

Smokefree resources available in 2009

FN initiated the formation of a Cameroon coalition against tobacco (C3T)which brought together associations and NGOs. The coalition is officially recognized. Some associations are fighting more specifically against tobacco. Health Promotion Watch – a national consumer movement.

Cameroon is a member of OTAF (Observatoire du Tabac en Afrique Francophone), a coalition of French speaking tobacco control NGOs. The current president is Hamdi Cherif from Algeria, and Inoussa Saouna from Niger is the executive secretary. Flore Ndembiyembe is a member of the bureau as counsellor.

Public education/implementation materials

Health Promotion Watch is conducting a project of prevention through womens’ associations which was presented at international meetings. However, it did not have the means to produce new materials. C3T organized a meeting to talk about the implementation of FCTC in the country and to present results of a survey they carried in Yaoundé in 2007.

Needs related to implementing smokefree policies

A finalised anti-tobacco law.
Country-specific data on tobacco use and the tobacco pandemic in Cameroon.
The means to carry out public awareness raising campaigns.
A civil society that is equipped.
A campaign to sensitize the public to Article 8.
Support for enforcing current smokefree provisions.

Factors helping or hindering the implementation of Article 8

Politicians have priorities other than tobacco.
The general population is ignorant of the health effects of tobacco.
The anti-tobacco law has not yet been voted on.

First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Health Service Food and Human Resources: Wholesale cigarettes shop

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