Smokefree initiatives

Smokefree legislation was first introduced to Finland in 1977, prohibiting smoking in most enclosed public places, public transport and schools. Smoking is banned in healthcare and educational facilities, government buildings, indoor workplaces and offices, theatres and cinemas. Separate ventilated areas are allowed. Since 2003 compulsory smokefree areas have been introduced in restaurants and bars. In June 2007 smoking was prohibited in bars and restaurants. However, designated smoking rooms are allowed but eating, drinking and entertainment are not allowed in them. A two-year transition period was set up to allow bars and restaurants >50m2 to install the smoking rooms. Restaurants of <50m2, which were not covered by previous legislation, will have to be completely smokefree. This will take effect in June 2009. Finland has been criticised for having too long a transition period Smokefree resources available in 2009

Smokefree Partnership

European Network for Smoking Prevention

ASH Finland

The Cancer Society

Finnish Heart Association

Pulmonary Association Heli

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