Smokefree legislation/initiatives

Norway’s smokefree law came into effect on 1 June 2004, updating legislation first introduced in 1988, covering public places and workplaces which had allowed for separate smoking areas in restaurants and bars and made the law difficult to implement. The revised law bans smoking in public premises and transport, workplaces and institutions where two or more people are gathered, and establishments serving food and/or drink. However, DSRs are allowed in some workplaces.


Act No.14 of 9 March 1973 relating to Prevention of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco (including amendments effective from 1 June 2004)

Enforcement and compliance

Compliance with the ban was high in the first year after implementation, and it was popular with the public. See ‘Smoke-Free bars and restaurants in Norway a one-year evaluation report.’ (M Lund, SIRUS, 2005):

Future initiatives will include reducing exposure to secondhand smoke among children and pregnant women, and changing the legislation to prevent workers being unwillingly exposed to tobacco smoke in or near individual offices. See Norway’s National Strategy for Tobacco Control 2006-2010.

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