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Smoking prevalence 17.5% (2001). Anti-smoking campaigns were launched in 1988. Smoking was banned first in MOH buildings (1990), then in all government buildings (1994), Royal Brunei airlines flights (1999), Brunei airport (1999), schools (2002), and municipal buildings (2002).

Smokefree legislation/initiatives

The Tobacco (Prohibition in Certain Places) Notification 2007 (Tobacco Order 2005) took effect in 2008. It probibits smoking in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, educational institutes, nurseries, entertainment centres (cinemas, bowling allies, fitness centres etc), any place where food or refreshment is served (air-conditioned and non-air conditioned), indoor sports arenas, shops and shopping centres, hotel lobbies and function rooms, religious buildings, buses and taxis, transport terminuses and queues, government premises.

Implementation of the tobacco order and its regulations has been well received. Smoking in public places has decreased. The main challenge is enforcement, as smokers are starting to smoke again in restaurants. Some restaurants have increased the number of outdoor eating areas and they have turned a blind eye on smokers there. The Ministry of Health wants to start taking legal action on these breaches.

Public opinion on smoking in public has been mixed, with some for and some against. The MOH is launching another series of campaigns to increase public awareness of the benefits of smokefree environments, especially in restaurants as this seems to be the major public place causing debate.

Smokefree resources available in 2009

Contacts with other countries e.g. Singapore – Health Promotion Board, Health Sciences Authority and National Environment Agency; Thailand – SEATCA and ASH Thailand. Helped with training tobacco control officers.
SEATCA Includes Asia Pacific Report Card: WHO FCTC Articles 6, 8, 11 & 13 (October 2008).

Public education materials/implementation or enforcement materials

SEATCA – produced report ‘Protecting the right to life: Smokefree public places in ASEAN’ in Dec 2007.

Needs related to implementing smokefree policies

Not stated.

Factors helping or hindering the implementation of Article 8

Not stated.

Other countries that have influenced smokefree laws

Thailand and Singapore.

First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Health Service Food and Human Resources: Discount wholesale cigarettes online

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