China’s 1991 Tobacco Monopoly Law stipulates that, “The State and society shall….forbid or restrict smoking on public transportation and in public places.” But China never enacted legislation to implement a national ban on smoking in public places. Regulations ban smoking on planes and trains nationwide. China was the first country in the world to ban smoking on all its domestic flights, in 1981. In the mid-1990s many local jurisdictions acted to restrict smoking in specified public venues, although enforcement was poor. Current smokefree provisions are very limited and cover only a few places, including medical facilities, cinemas and theatres, schools. Public transport is only partially smokefree and in most places there are no smokefree laws for private workplaces, bars or nightclubs.

Smokefree legislation/initiatives

Many jurisdictions are now moving to update those regulations. China’s capital, Beijing, expanded the scope of its 1996 smoke-free law in the spring of 2008, in time for the city’s hosting of the tobacco-free Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Beijing’s 2008 regulation restricts smoking, but does not ban it in restaurants, bars and hotels (see:

Beijing has pledged to pass a new, comprehensive smoke-free law in 2010, before the five year anniversary of the FCTC coming into force in China. Shanghai hopes to pass tobacco control legislation, including smokefree provisions in 2009, prior to the opening of the Shanghai World Expo in May 2010. Guangzhou plans to enact smokefree legislation before it hosts the Asian Games in 2010.

Smokefree resources available in 2009

Chinese Association on Tobacco Control
SEATCA Includes Asia Pacific Report Card: WHO FCTC Articles 6,8, 11 & 13 (October 2008).

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