Meditation can help you quit smoking

The study of such techniques of meditation can make it easier for smokers to reduce, at least in the short term, new research suggests.

meditation-quit-smokingThe conclusion is based on the experiences of five smokers, and may be purely coincidental. The researchers found, however, that the learning of other smokers how to relax had no effect on how much they smoked, a sign that could actually be something of meditation approach.

So smokers have to meditate if they want to smoke less?

“Sure, why not?” said study co-author Michael Posner, professor emeritus at the University of Oregon’s Department of Psychology. ” I can not say that all forms of meditation will produce these affects. Quite probable that it depends on the state of the brain that the person is in, and there may be other ways to get into it.”

Researchers attribute “mindfulness meditation” to a variety of health benefits. Only in the last few years, this was due to the exemption from the common cold, flu, tides, and irritable bowel syndrome. He was also associated with changes in the health of the brain.

Mindfulness meditation is designed to help people to relax, focus on the moment and, in fact, go with the flow of thoughts and feelings.

In the new study, researchers assigned 70 people – 30 smokers and 40 non-smokers with an average age of 21 – one of two groups. Each group has gone through five hours of training for two weeks in either mindfulness meditation or relaxation.

After two weeks, the researchers gave breath tests for smokers to see how much they smoked. There was no change for those who have learned to relax, but the measurement fell by 65% in those who have learned to meditate.

Five smokers who have learned about meditation talked with researchers at four weeks after the study, and said that they had smoked less. However, “because they were so few, we still do not know exactly how long the decline,” the researchers said.

Posner said that there are caveats to the research. The study is small, he said, and all the participants were students. On the other hand, he said, the majority of participants are not aware that they were taking part in the study smoking.

If meditation does have an impact, what could be wrong? Other studies have shown that meditation improves connections in the brain, he said. A new study found that the brains of smokers who have learned meditation were more active in areas related to self-control. Researchers also believe, stress reduction may be an important cause of meditation seems to provide medical assistance.

Posner added that meditation, unlike drugs; do not appear to have any serious side effects.

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