Paris Plans to Ban Smoking in Public Places

smoking in public
Cigarette users in Paris could in the near future be forbidden from smoking at local cafes and restaurants. At both city council conferences this week, numerous Paris citizens have pleaded in support of the city carrying out a city-wide ban on cigarette use in restaurants, bars and other places.

“It is just so uncomfortable when people come to the city and we go to a cafe and they claim you still light up here,” claimed Paris resident Steve Extruum. “I respond yeah we are just not that bright. I am very sorry, but we are not that bright. All others have prohibited cigarette use, and we haven’t.” “This is about preserving the environment for everybody else that prefers not to be a smoker,” stated Paris resident Dr. Celeste Wilcox.

As a cardiologist, Mayor A.J. Hashmi claims he doesn’t advertise smoking, but he also would not like to break citizens’ rights. “It is a health matter and I believe it needs to be resolved and I feel the authorities are taking care of that issue at the moment,” explained Dr. Hashmi. “Prohibiting cigarette use in public places is not a matter which is only in our community or the city of Paris, it is happening in numerous cities,” Hashmi stated. “It has been settled in numerous cities and it is a very questionable problem.”

One Paris restaurant proprietor, who has permitted cigarette use in his business for more than 25 years, explained the ban could result in a huge loss of one group of customers, but at the same time brings another one. “Coffee drinkers that come in for lunch like that cigarette with it, so it could cut them out,” stated Brent McKee. “Then on the other way, those that do not light up at all will visit our restaurant.”

Paris smoker, Regina Nichols, states businesses, not the city council, have to own the right to determine whether or not to prohibit cigarette use. “If you go to a store, and they allow you light up in it that is their revenue,” added Nichols. “We gain earnings whether we smoke in there or not.”

The council will have to conduct one more public meeting at the next city council appointment that is planned for February before declaring the final decision.

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