What can state, local, and tribal governments do under the FSPTCA to combat tobacco use?

In addition to the provisions outlined in the FSPTCA, states, localities, and tribal governments can impose requirements that are in addition to or more stringent than FDA requirements. For example, states may:

* Impose specific bans or restrictions on the time, place, and manner – but not the content – of cigarette advertising.
* May prohibit or restrict the distribution or free samples of smokeless tobacco in any location.
* May tax tobacco products.

Does the FSPTCA provide funds for grants to state, local or other organizations working to prevent people from smoking?

The FSPTCA specifically does not provide for funds for state and local grants. However, as FDA works to implement the various parts of the FSPTCA, the Agency will continue to seek opportunities to provide information about ways FDA can work with state and local government’s tobacco control efforts.

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