Will FDA raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products?

As required by the bill, an expert panel will be convened to conduct a study on the public health implications of raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products. The results of this study are to be submitted to Congress.

What will FDA do to curb tobacco use among children and adolescents?

FDA will employ many effective public health strategies to reduce the burden of illness and death caused by tobacco products. One of the first items aimed at reducing tobacco use among children and adolescents will be to reissue the 1996 regulation aimed at reducing young people’s access to tobacco products and curbing the appeal of tobacco to the young. When this becomes effective, a number of measures will take effect, including:

* Tobacco manufacturers may no longer sponsor athletic, and entertainment events using tobacco product brand names and logos;
* Tobacco manufacturers may no longer sell or give away clothing or other items which bear the brand name or logo of a tobacco product; and
* Tobacco manufacturers will no longer be able to distribute free samples of cigarettes, and free samples of smokeless tobacco will be allowed only in adult-only facilities.

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