Help from Family and Friends

Sometimes our family and friends can be our worst enemies when we are attempting something very difficult or “different”. If your family or friends don’t smoke, they may not understand your desire to quit. Nor will they understand the extreme difficulty of overcoming your addiction.

If your family and friends do smoke, they may have attempted to quit themselves, but failed. Or they may not want to quit at all, thereby placing pressure on you not to quit also. Human nature causes people to try to “hold others back” when someone close to them begins to move in a direction different from the norm. If you quit, you will place pressure and the spotlight on family and friends who are still smoking.

Your challenge will be to let others around you know that you are doing this for YOU. Let them know that if they will not encourage you, then they should “keep quiet while you quit.” But by all means encourage others to encourage you.

Ways family/friends can encourage you include:

  • Assure you they believe in your ability to quit
  • Express their happiness that you are quitting
  • Give you love, unconditionally, even when you are grumpy
  • Participate in some physical fitness activities with you
  • Don’t smoke around you, if they are a smoker
  • Don’t offer you a cigarette, or make it easy for you to chea

First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Health Service Food and Human Resources: Top wholesale cigarettes prices

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