Quitting smoking

It is said that this is the season for breaking New Year’s resolutions.

And for many well intentioned smokers, their determination to quit is the first one to come canceled, among them that want to quit this habit do it without help of any medicament.

Well one of the paradoxes into research into quitting smoking is that, despite the fact that between about two-thirds and three-quarters of people who have quit smoking over the years have done it without any assistance or help, the research literature about how people quit smoking and a lot of the public discussion about how people quit smoking is dominated by the minority of people who use assistance.

There are some cases that a people should read a book that can help them to quit because these book is a philosophical one and there are a lot of philosophical answers and questions that make you to think about why you smoke and how it help you?
Others simple stand up in the morning and decide to quit and never take the cigarette in there hand. There are different cases it depend almost of person and of there addiction.

The most important question to ask whenever you hear anybody making a claim that a patch or a drug of any sort is more effective is to ask the conditions under which the research was ruled. And if it was conducted under clinical trial settings then there are all sorts of prejudices, which become introduced at clinical trials. People with mental health problems are excluded from clinical trials, and we know that there is high representation of people with mental health problems in the smoking population in real life.

Australia has been, I think, very sensible in that the approach that we’ve mostly taken in Australia is to try and motivate quit attempts. And we have now got smoking down to just over 15% of adults smoke on a daily basis. It’s never been lower.

The message that if you want to quit smoking you’d be stupid not to use a pharmaceutical product is being megaphone by transnational pharmaceutical companies globally. That message is running at a huge volume in main media and it dominates the research literature.

There are still a lot of people who are smoking today making quit attempts unsuccessfully. You can use the best anti-smoking pharmaceuticals but if you hadn’t decide for you exactly that you’ll quit these medicine have not an influence to you. For people that can’t quit they need assistance for to look over them and to help them when they need.

For to make such chose for quitting you should have strength of character because it is very hard to make such step especially if the addiction is very strong and it is like a battle between your wish and your need and you should balance these two for to see what is more important for you cigarettes or health.

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