Quitting smoking: It’s a numbers game

The Wero quit competition problems 10 teams in the workplace, sports clubs, churches and marae the length of New Zealand to quit smoking together, win prizes at a charity of their choice – and to avoid the humiliation of elimination from the competition.

stop-to-smoke-1What is the last straw that can help your friend or family member to quit smoking?

It is different for each smoker. For some, this is the look of embarrassment and bad smell. For others, the debilitating expense of $ 18 per day, $ 120 per week, $ 6,000 a year. For many, this is a devastating collapse of health or the realization that they can not see their children grow up.

Now, there is another reason. Do not laugh. But the output can – almost – be fun.

Quitting smoking is a numbers game. About 20% of adult New Zealanders smoke, and they use more than 1.5 million kilograms of tobacco each year. Most smokers puff of 6 to 20 cigarettes a day, and will save more than $ 4,000 a year by quitting.

But the bad news is that they would need an average of 14 attempts before they are able to give up. So why not take the numbers? The Herald on Sunday, hundreds of Kiwis encouraged to join a game show- style smoking cessation contest in which they compete as a team to go out for three months.

If you have friends or family who smoke, you can encourage them to put together a team and join. Already 70 teams of 10 people joined.

Teams will compete to stay away from snuff every week, and we will calculate how many they save on cigarettes every week. The contest was organized at the University of Auckland, Wero, will donate $ 5,000 to the winning team charity of choice.

Such competitions have been proven to be effective. Two of the three participants will be able to throw in the short term, and up to 20% a year later, he will be clean.

That may not sound high – but, as most smokers will discover alone more difficult.

The Wero /Herald on Sunday quit smoking contest runs until November 30 – and The Game of Life graphic above, we will update the progress of teams in care every weekend until then.

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