Robert Downey Jr. Has Started Smoking Again

On ‘The Tonight Show’, Robert Downey Jr. had some good news and some bad news. First, the good news: He’d like to have a baby girl.Robert Downey

Or, as the actor put it, he wants to be “waist-deep in doo-doo” in eighteen months. Translated, Robert was saying he hopes to have another child with his wife Susan, within a year and a half.

That was the good news. Robert also confessed to Jay Leno that while he continues to stay away from drugs and alcohol, he has started smoking cigarettes again.

Leno gave Robert a hard time about falling back into his smoking habit. The actor tried to get Jay to move onto another subject, but Leno was determined to give him a hard time about it. “The new band is great!” Downey gushed to the host, trying to move the conversation in another direction. But it didn’t work, as Jay kept inquiring, until Downey had to plead with him to, “Leave me alone, I’m doing the best that I can!”

Downey did promise Jay that he would quit smoking again. “It’s easy!” he joked. “I’ve done it hundreds of times.” Here’s hoping he kicks the habit before his hypothetical new daughter is born, in eighteen months or so.

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