Simon Cowell tries to quit smoking

Simon Cowell apparently doing his best to quit his 40-a-day smoking habit.

Simon-Cowell-enjoys-a-cigarette-as-he-meets-the-PressThe Britain’s Got Talent star – who has previously admitted that he likes to smoke and it is rumored, “Smoking minders” when he goes out for his nicotine fix during television talent show auditions – trying to reduce the use of electronic cigarettes.

Fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden told the Daily Mirror: “Simon does not smoke any more. He has got a evaporation of a cigarette instead. He smokes the air, or simple water. It’s amazing “.

In January 2012, Simon underwent hypnotherapy in a desperate attempt to get rid of this habit, and managed to reduce from 44 cigarettes a day, to 15 with the support of their friends and family.

He was then ordered to stop at his doctor when he collapsed from nervous exhaustion in the summer of last year.

Simon – who has a history of lung cancer in his family – previously admitted he started smoking at the age of eight, when his brother offered him a cigarette.

The star may be known for its health-conscious lifestyle and following fads like sheep placenta facial and breathing pure oxygen from a gas can, but he was not able to drive his favorite vice.

He admitted: “I do still love I equate smoking with smoke having a good time.

“I should not say this, but, well, they are not illegal, they are after sex -?. Surprising”

Electronic cigarettes work by inhaling nicotine, and at the same time sucking in water from the atmosphere and releasing vapor that looks like smoke.

Since smoking was banned devices have become a hit in Los Angeles – where Simon has a home and is based within six months of the year – so the stars can continue to smoke in the room.

Simon, 53, has previously said: “I do still love to smoke.

“I equate smoking is having a good time.

“I should not say this, but, well, they are not illegal, are they?”

In the past, it was known, Simon turned to hypnosis to help him quit smoking and cut his habit from 40 days to 15.

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