Smoking Rates Decline in South Korea Due to Price Increases

South Korea’s teenage smoking rate has dropped to its lowest level since this kind of data was initially obtained in 2005, as outlined by a story in The Korea Times citing statistics from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDCP).
The government explained on Monday that the drop was partially because of the increase in tobacco prices earlier this year. In the course of the first week of this year, the price of numerous cigarettes have boosted from WON2, 500 ($2.30) to WON4, 500 ($4.15) per package.

The large raise was specifically disruptive since it was brought in towards a backdrop in which there had been no price boosts for around 10 years. In accordance with the KCDCP, 7.8 % of around 68,000 middle and high school students surveyed countrywide explained they had lighted up on at least one day through the past 30 days, lower by 1.4 percentage points in comparison to last year’s statistics. The maximum rate registered constituted 13.3 % in 2007.

The smoking rate of male students stood at 11.9 %, lower from 14.0 % a year ago, while the rate for female students has fallen from 4.0 % to 3.2 %. Around 15 % of the students surveyed explained they had stopped smoking mainly because of the price.
A KCDC official was quoted as stating that his organization supposed that the drop in the smoking rate dropped because of the boost in cigarette prices and to “increased education against cigarette us.

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