Summer is a great time to Breathe Easy

Imagine the time, imagine a day when the weather is quite comfortable – the wind, the sun’s warmth, family and friends who share the sunny days with you, and – yikes! It would be easy to imagine without the need to suck on a cigarette every fifteen minutes, embarrassing yourself and those who love you in public.

images (1)Director Joshua Kirnie invites you to quit smoking by hypnosis alternative, a clinic in Syracuse, which offers more than just a smoking cessation and weight loss programs for a smooth transition through the easy way of life, non-invasive way. Alternative Hypnosis takes qualified new customers in the program, which will allow easy, life-long changes in healthy people free from the bondage of a dangerous habit.

“Now there is a great opportunity to quit smoking and Syracuse to do it for you,” said Kirnie. “Men and women in the Syracuse area are forced into hiding from the elements and themselves bad habits – habits that can be worsened by stress jobs, families and sub-par sleep habits. As the weather clears, you dream about a healthy lifestyle, dropping smell, dropping the embarrassment that comes with a dangerous urges to smoke, and clear your head from stress and anxiety. Now you have the opportunity to do just that … to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, a change that will last for life, allowing yourself free from the control of health problems completely. If you prove hypnosis, and accepted into the program, you will experience hypnosis that can access the things you need – that exist within you – to create a healthy body image accompanied with this time in the distant future.
“Not every hypnosis, if the creation of a compelling future to quit sounds like something that you can believe, no matter what your schedule or what is going on in your life, then you can call today and schedule a free consultation. Remember, hypnosis, that is not working is not a bargain. Hypnosis that promotes life-long change is a bargain at any price. ”

About Alternative Hypnosis:

Alternative Hypnosis is the oldest hypnosis clinic in Syracuse, Onondaga County residents in more than 42 years. Director Joshua Kirnie is a certified hypnotist and neuro-linguist with a clinic in Syracuse, New York. As a stop smoking and weight loss hypnotist, he specializes in helping people with unhealthy habits, chronic health problems and limiting personal beliefs. In addition, it emphasizes the creation of a compelling future for every client it works.

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