Ten tips to help you quit smoking

Today is National No Smoking Day in Britain – so we talked to the stars hypnotherapist Max Kirsten to help you get rid of this habit.
Max helped give film stars Ewan McGregor, and now he gave Sun readers of his 10 tips that you can beat the addiction.
Star Wars actor Ewan said: “I quit smoking in February 2006, so this is the longest time I’ve gone without a cigarette.

“I gave up with Max Kirsten and hypnotherapy which is responsible for the fact that absolutely no effort. I have never craved cigarettes. I am not for food.
“I do not think it would be so easy if it were not for Max Kirsten.
“I feel very good. I really like it, do not smoke. I do not miss it. I smoked a lot, and I feel that I am free from it. My life is much better as a result. If it can work for me, it can work for you. ”

Max also offers readers the opportunity to download Sun it “quit now” program from his website for just £ 1. (Normal price £ 9.95) percentage of the sale of each download will go to cancer research in the UK.
Here, Max gives you his Top 10 tips on how to quit.
Set the “quit date” – and then stick to it! Do it sooner rather than later. If you quit smoking on their own, I recommend that before you stop smoking completely on the date of quitting smoking you try another brand, at least a few days because they just will not seem pleasant.
Get this support as you can from family, friends and work colleagues. Let them know you are going to quit, and ask smokers not to smoke around you or offer you a cigarette.

On the big day, throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters and anything that might remind you of smoking. Wash clothes and clean your car to remove the stale smell of smoke. The smell might take a week or two to fully pass through.
Your official Nicotine detoxification takes three days. During this time, to reduce the amount of tea, coffee, caffeinated beverages you consume. If you can, at least four times a day, drink fresh fruit juice or eat fresh fruit instead. “Fructose is” natural fruit sugars will stop your blood sugar levels to crash badly – and avoid these terrible mood swings! Also, have regular daily short walk to stretch your lungs.

Plan ahead for situations where you probably will be inclined to smoke, such as a party, drink or go out for coffee. Try to avoid such situations in the early stages of quitting or until you feel much stronger. You may find it helpful to sort pen in your hand when you say, even over the phone.
Some people believe that regular mint chewing gum is useful, but also helps to keep your mouth feeling fresh. Drink fresh water throughout the day. Dehydration causes cravings.
Write down all the reasons why you decided to quit in the first place, and then carry them with you in case you need reminding!

Remember the following ‘4 Ds’ in mind when you have a craving.
• Delay: remember that the worst craving only lasts a few minutes and will be even less likely the longer you are gone.
• Deep breathing: it helps you relax and focus on something else.
• Drink water: it’s a good idea to drink plenty of fluids to help clear the nicotine and other toxins from the body.
• Do something else: you can go for a walk to the movies or on another support site. Try to eat fresh fruit and brush your teeth when you tend to have a cigarette. You can hold something else, such as a pen or manipulation to replace the need for a cigarette, or chew gum or eat some normal healthy snack or drink to be something other than a cigarette in his mouth.

If you drink much coffee, you can reduce your coffee-take, as you will retain more caffeine in the absence of nicotine in your system. Feeling nervous does not help your plan to quit smoking. It may also be best to avoid alcohol, how many people are hard to resist smoking when they drink. It takes time and practice to learn to drink like a non-smoker. Easy does it.

If you find that you lose the motivation to quit, remind yourself of many health and financial benefits of quitting! For example, after three months, improves blood circulation to a large extent, walking becomes easier, and overall lung function will show a surprising increase of about 30 percent.

Visit my website maxkirsten.com and while you’re there you can visit my page stop smoking resource and you can even watch the video “quit” on page two of my resources.

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  1. Karen Heinley
    April 3, 2012 at 11:12 pm

    I can’t see to find the site for trying to quit smoking with free patches sponsed by PA. If you could help that would be great. Due to Health reasons I need to quit.

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