There are 160,000 ways to quit smoking

How to quit smoking takes hard work and determination definitely, yet people claim that they can’t do it.

downloadWell, a new study shows that there are more than 160,000 ways to quit smoking, so can you really give a valid excuse anymore?

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) used a mathematical model that calculated the number of unique combinations of smoking cessation based on a set list of 21 quit AIDS.

From various Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) formats ( ie gum , patch, inhaler , nasal spray) , that is a prescription only medication, to one-to-one advice from a healthcare doctor / pharmacist to access to Internet throw line, the model to the conclusion that they are 163,839 combinations of stop smoking.

In October, eight million people in the country’s smokers will be asked to take part in Stoptober, 28 -day national goal to quit smoking. Studies have shown that people who have managed to quit smoking for four weeks, five times more likely to stop for good.

Last year, thousands of people have successfully quit for Stoptober and Boots UK, who commissioned the study, is calling on smokers across the country to take part in the smoke-free issue in October of this year.

Director of Public Health England health and Wellbeing, Professor Kevin Fenton said: “Pharmacies can play an important role in stopping the journey to smoke because they are an accessible port of call for people who need help in navigation the wide range of available output options. With such support on the main street of the city means that the smoking cessation people have access to advice and support especially easy and convenient. They can talk to trained professionals in the trust and get more support they need to help them feel more in control of their smoke-free this plan Stoptober “.

Nikki Shah, Boots UK pharmacist in London, says: “Many people who have successfully quit smoking have told us that one of the most important elements was for them to feel in control of their quitting journey. Having the right with the support and advice on the spot, we hope that we can help those who want to quit smoking. Currently there are so many ways to quit smoking and Boots pharmacist can help you choose the right one, as well as offer the all important ongoing support and advice throughout your journey to quit. As our study, even if you tried to quit before, there are many other options that might work for you, so talk to your local pharmacist boots that can help you find the right custom combinations to help you quit smoking this Stoptober “.

Boots UK has also delved further into the care behavior of the country to discover that as well as traditional methods of 163,839 ways to quit smoking, smokers and ex-smokers also refer to the more unusual approaches.

Almost half have tried or would consider eating or chewing something, instead of having a cigarettes, while others preferred to spend more time in places where smoking is prohibited (eg , churches, theaters , libraries and museums ) .

Nearly one in ten will be tried or considered trying to hide cigarettes (for example, in the fridge) and a small group to try to write a song about giving up smoking as a motivational tool to help them stop.

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