Tobacco companies continue to follow the new standard health warning

The new law makes it mandatory for all tobacco products, exercise strict pictorial warnings by the camera on Monday, but its implementation is not visible on the ground. Tobacco packages of various forms failed to make new graphic health warnings and were seen holding old graphic warnings.

imagesAccording to the new Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Packaging and labeling) Amendment Rules, 2012, notified on 27 September 2012, all tobacco packages in the country were to hold new pictorial warnings which focus in detail part of the human body are affected by tobacco use.

The Ministry of Health has also been inserted for the first time “warning” word in the new pictorial warnings, and decided that the word will be printed in the “red” color, along with the message – “Smoking kills” and “Tobacco kills”.

The new notification makes it mandatory for all tobacco manufacturers as smoking and smokeless forms of graphic warnings to keep in the format of, and enjoy the health warning, at least 40 percent of the principal display area of tobacco packaging.

Although composed of three sets of pictorial images warning about the patient’s mouth, lungs and throat were notified for smokeless tobacco and forms of each, the same cannot find the picture for any tobacco packages available on the market.

Sources say that the industry is not asking for more time to implement the notification and has already met Health Minister Ghulam Before and presented Nabi Azad and other senior official’s ministerial. Minister Health examines the request, but the notification has not been saved in a state of uncertainty. Any violation of the new law is punishable by a fine and / or imprisonment.

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