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  1. DeLois Turner
    November 15, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    Lytton Court Yard in Palo alto still have a problem with about three known smokers still smoking in their apartment even after Margery(Gery)Yearout told HUD who the Secetary Of HUD Shaun Donova office in Washington,D.C. told me she would effective 1 October 2011 enforcing the None-smoking rule also she held a meeting August 2011 there stating to the majority None-smoking seniors these smokers will no longer be able to smoke in their apartments after 1 October 2011 only in the places designated for them to smoke.This is over 30 days ago and these seniors are still smoking in their apartments without any action on Lytton/Margery(Gery)Yearout’s part just saying “they state they don’t smoke in their apartments”)Anyone knows a person addicted to any kind of chemical or drugs will be in denial and lie about any of their habits where and when they do them.
    I am still temporarily out of my apartment for months still paying rent and HUD sill paying parial utilities bills for me with out being able to use these utilities.
    I have had my Upper Respiratory System and my Immune System compromise by what has gone one there with the rule not being enforced in a None-smoking Senior complex even before Lytton/Margery(Gery)Yearout announced in August 2011 that she would be enforcing this None-smoking rule.
    Not only my health compromised but financially because what has gone on there also and I am sure this Second-Hand smoke is also affecting other seniors there just by looking at some of them who speak very little or no English and have NO VOICE. This is Horrible and it is the highest form of ELDER ABUSE letting these smokers Indanger Seniors lives aganist their will!
    It’s strange to me Management there has a No-smoking office and I am sure if a employee or even a visitor endangered her like that it would be dealt with more than words!
    Prizes and Awards are nice but one of the nicest,honest and moral things to do is “Treat Your Neighbor as she would like to be treated”). Everything looks great from outside but it’s really inside what counts. I am sure no None-smoking senior living at Lytton Court Yard invisioned their retirement days living in someone elses Second-Hand smoke as a healthy,safe and happy life to live. My thing if a rule states “NO” when doe’s management start to enforce it. Everyone who has heard this story have said “what is the problem if their own rule states NO SMOKING in their apartments something is very wrong there”.
    I am not and I have not ever been in Violation of my lease with Lytton and live my life letting everyone else who is abiding by the rule without imposing my habits on them and I do expect the very same and if not will DEMAND it that is my right as a AMERICAN CITIZEN as every senior living at Lytton Court Yard to live a Healthy and Safe Life physically and mentally without these smokers imposing upon anyone there.
    Lytton advertises about how they treat seniors I am sure every seniors there at Lytton CourtYard want that to be a reality!

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