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Jonathan Kimmel as Jimmy Kimmel Episode chronology. ← Previous "Eat, Pray, Queef", Next → "Pinewood Derby". South Park (season 13) · List of South Park Original air date‎: ‎April 8,

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George R.R. Martin "Game of Thrones" Talks South Park Episode - Comic Con - Duration: Clevver. Jimmy comes up with the perfect joke, but Cartman wants to take half the credit for it. However, Kanye West doesn't get the joke, and vows revenge on the.

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A Hip Hop Superstar comes to terms with being a gay fish. Kanye visits the class to dispel rumors about his fiancé. From Season 17 Episode 10, The Hobbit.

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"Gay Fish" a parody of the song "Heartless" by Kanye West, featured in the episode, "Fishsticks". An extended version of the song is available uncensored to. The "Fishsticks Joke" is a joke created by Jimmy Valmer. It gained popularity across the world in the Season Thirteen episode, "Fishsticks". Background The joke.

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South Park Celebrity Supercut #1: Kanye's Best Gayfish Moments Latest South Park Episodes. South. South Park: Fishsticks (Kanye Throwback). Share to Do You Like Fish Sticks? South Park. You're A Gay.

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South Park - Season 13 - Episode - Fishsticks The joke, which plays on the similarity of the phrases "fishsticks" and "fish dicks" when spoken,[1][2]. Sep 24, - Kanye West appears as a gay fish in a new trailer for 'South Park''s to as a gay fish in the show in episode 'Fishsticks', where he is.

Gay fish episode of south park

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Apr 8, - Episode. 5. Of all the celebrities ripe for a good South Park skewering, Kanye West is definitely up there, so when I heard that he'd play a big. Jun 30, - In a killer speed round on 'Any Given Wednesday,' Bill Hader told Bill Simmons the origins of the 'fish dicks' episode of 'South Park.'.

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Fishsticks Season s13 Episode e05 Written By Trey Parker Production Code Original Air Date Episode Chronology Das offizielle South Park Episode‎: ‎e Aug 13, - These are our picks for the best South Park moments to date. .. crafting a scathing episode in which a joke about people's love of fish sticks when a bout of self-reflection that results in him embracing his inner gay fish.