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ETS surgery can be effective against chronic facial blushing. For more information or questions call the Center for Hyperhidrosis at ()

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Objective: No study has yet compared the efficacy of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for treating facial blushing with other treatment or no treatment. Oct 31, - Surgery. Endoscopic thoracic surgery (ETS) is the most commonly used surgery for excessive blushing. It involves severing nerves to keep facial blood vessels closed. Most people who undergo ETS for blushing are satisfied with the outcome, according to some research.

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Jul 8, - This Woman Had Surgery To Stop Blushing – And It Changed Her Life But for people who suffer from excessive blushing, it's more than just a. A surgical procedure called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is sometimes used to treat hyperhidrosis when it occurs with blushing.

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Incorporating the Australian Centre for Hyperhidrosis & Facial Blushing If you are seriously contemplating ETS surgery for facial blushing you must read and. Mild recurrence of facial blushing occurred in 30% of patients within the first year. . Several different surgical techniques have been used, including resection.

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Jump to Other treatment options - Involuntary blushing is common to people who have a social In most cases, these disorders respond well to treatment. Mar 23, - Tom Nolan on a new treatment that could change their lives. Jadresic started noticing his blushing at 14 and the problem grew steadily worse.

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Feb 14, - The surgery has limited effectiveness and nasty side effects, which can include excessive sweating – instead of blushing. Blushing is hardwired. If someone asked me at what point blushing warrants surgery, my answer would is responsible for facial blushing and hand sweating on one side of the body.