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The Super Hustler would then disengage from the BB and climb up to 90, feet (27, metres) and accelerate to Mach to complete its mission. [49] [50] BC: Unbuilt version.

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Super Hustler configurations to this point assumed a derivative of the B as a carrier aircraft. The derivative, called BB, had an extended fuselage that provided a inch longer wheelbase than a BA. Though the Air Force authorized the development, design, and testing of the BB in October , uncertainty surrounding this model improvement forced the design team to assume the BA as the carrier. The BB was subsequently canceled in July In 'From Rainbow to Gusto' (alas, not with me as I write) the meeting in which the BB proposal is presented to LeMay is described. The BB as mentioned has the side-by-side cockpit, which is mentioned as being what LeMay wanted.

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B Alternate Configurations. The BA was the only version of the B Hustler built, along with a small number of TBA conversion trainers. A supersonic manned/unmanned triple parasite bomber if you include the BB Hustler. Mock-ups of every possible configuration were made. This project eventually led to the Convair Kingfish supersonic recon concept. (Ca. Mid-to-lates).

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B Hustler with a centerline payload pod. An improved version of this aircraft, called the BB Super Hustler, was proposed to the Air Force in The BB was to be faster and larger than the original B so that it could carry an additional "parasite" aircraft instead of the external pod. Super Hustler Number Built: 0 During the winter of , Convair proposed a new type of bombing system to the Air Force, one based on the use of the B Hustler as a carrier aircraft for a new, high-speed parasite aircraft.

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Convair B Hustler. Origin of Convair B Hustler; Convair B Hustler ; Convair TBA Hustler; Service of B Hustler with USAF; Convair BB Hustler; Convair BC Hustler; Convair BD/E Hustler; Testbed for YFA Weapons System; NBA Testbed for General Electric J93; Hustler Supersonic Transport; Hustler for Australia? Reconnaissance Hustlers; Super Hustler; Hustler Missile. Die Convair B Hustler war ein vierstrahliger, ├╝berschallschneller Langstreckenbomber der Zeit des Kalten Krieges aus US-amerikanischer Produktion. https://smoking-quit.info/huge-tits/

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The Hustler was a direct successor to the B Stratojet in the medium bomber role. Medium bombers were expected to attack the Soviet Union from overseas bases. The Super Hustler parasite proposal was never taken very seriously, was never given any Air Force funding, and quickly died on the vine. However, it was later used as the basis of Convair's Fish proposal for a surreptitious reconnaissance aircraft for the Central Intelligence Agency.

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History of the B Proposed. Conventional Weapons Delivery. In an attempt to increase the flexibility of the B as a weapons system, experiments were carried out in April of under a program known as Operation Bullseye to see if the B could carry and deliver conventional bombs. The Convair B Hustler was the first operational jet bomber capable of Mach 2 supersonic flight. Developed for the USAF for service with SAC during the late s.

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Convair/General Dynamics B Hustler. The U.S. Air Force's first operational supersonic bomber, the B made its initial flight on Nov. 11, In addition to the Hustler's delta wing shape, distinctive features included a sophisticated inertial guidance navigation and bombing system, a slender "wasp-waist" fuselage and an extensive.