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Asshole Tattoos! Random person: Go shove it up your ass! #up yours #shove it #fuck it #suck it #fuck you.

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shove it/something up (one's) ass. A rude, vulgar invective expressing disdain, contempt, disgust, or anger to someone (about something). Kovach, losing whatever tenuous hold he had on his temper, snapped, "Then you can take this newspaper and shove it up your ass," and stormed out. A sonic punch to the throat and so much wrong you'll wanna fill your brain with bleach. Music to wake up in a gutter to.

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well im a guy and i just wanna feel how it is to have something up my ass so i need some suggestons on wat i can put up there so i need to have somethin and i dont wanna find out by f**kin a guy so tell me. apparently when I was a stupid asshole little baby my favorite thing to do was beat up the dog. literally the moment I could walk id just smack our old, blind, dog. this little toddler with a shit eating grin going after the sweetest most loving and patient little old dog. buddy I would've thrown myself right back to.

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3 Likes 1 Share. Re: Shove It Up Your Ass, Asshole!!! by Nobody: pm On Aug 21, That awkward moment when you spend hours compiling a writeup to vent You are very correct and the father too. My emphasis is on the Mother as she is closest to a child. Society is made up of HOMES. "Mi piace": , commenti: 2 - daniel (@babydolljared) su Instagram: "@jaredpadalecki shove both of your hands directly up my ass".

Shove it up my asshole baby

asshole. #asshole. mean girls, rachel mcadams, mean girls movie, regina george, shove it. Take me up. No way! I'm sure.

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asshole baby. a person that is so vile and idotic that they must have been born from their mother's -sshole instead of the birth c-n-l. that dude has no idea what he's talking about. what an -sshole baby. anyone of african american descent. find a n-gg- pick it up all day long -sshole baby. Go Premium. Log in Sign Up.

Shove it up my asshole baby

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