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Mar 6, - Personal space in China is different therefore the level of discomfort is different too. The Concept of Personal Space in CHinese CUlture.

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Apr 24, - It's because personal space — how close we stand to our colleagues, our and “non-contact cultures” (Northern Europe, North America, Asia). Jun 25, - Oh yea, the Chinese have a different sense of space, but it is the American sense of space that is out of place when in Asia, even more so when Why do some Asian people seem to not respect the personal space of.

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Jul 30, - Oneof the characteristics of America, that we've come to really miss overthe past months in Asia, is having our personal space, and. Tips for keeping both Chinese people and you comfortable when you are traveling in China and talking to Chinese people.

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Jan 22, - Grouping all Asians together that way is pretty silly. Japanese people tend to have a hyper-developed sense of personal space and it's. Personal space and organized lines in China are very different from the US. The Chinese have close personal space with each other compared to the US.