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Sep 21, - Here are steps you can take to try and give her multiple orgasms. 1) Make sure she wants to have multiple orgasms to begin with. Some women.

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Sep 21, - Here's exactly how to touch her to get her there. discovered exactly how you should be touching her clitoris to make her orgasm the first time. Sep 26, - About one-third of the women who reported having multiple orgasms said that the easiest way to make it happen was to simply continue the.

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Oct 7, - Women think they can't have multiple orgasms. Here are 3 Make Her Orgasm All Night Long Using These 3 Techniques. Nick Hardwick. Mar 8, - How to give her the best orgasm of her life. Become a master in the bedroom this weekend with our definitive guide to making her climax every.

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Nov 1, - “After a woman has an orgasm, the blood that rushes to her genitals during sex lingers, making it easier for her to climax again,” Kerner says. Sep 28, - Two real women explain what it's like to have multiple orgasms. lives in NYC with her French Bulldog Bao Bao — follow her on Instagram.

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Feb 20, - Marriage friendly help to have multiple orgasms! FB 9 tips to make sex great for her - 5 Tips to Make Multiple Orgasms. 9 Great Sex Tips for. Jan 30, - All women are [physiologically] capable of having multiple orgasms. you touch her clitoris then go back to making circles around it before.

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May 16, - If you want guarantee that she'll tell every girlfriend she has how amazing you are in bed, there's The butterfly position will make her orgasm. Mar 25, - The ability to have multiple orgasms. Sexperts swear we all can, so they've shared a step-by-step guide to making it happen. "I had a client who would regularly have 30 to 40 orgasms in a session with her partner. She may.

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Feb 28, - The expectations surrounding giving and having orgasms can make people feel inadequate or even strangers to their own bodies, especially. Dr. Phil says it takes a woman 14 minutes to have an orgasm well I feel bad for Dr. Phil. I've made somewhere between 20 and 30 women have multiple orgasms in just Make her feel that you won't stop until she screams with pleasure.

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May 19, - If you want to give your woman multiple orgasms ☆ ☆ I'm going to teach you the right way to. May 29, - Hey, I'm Adam Armstrong and I teach guys how to become much better Orgasm Secrets: How To Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms . How To Finger A Woman Right (Make Her Come!) 10 SIGNS She WANTS To SLEEP With YOU!

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May 23, - To learn more about 6 Tricks for women to have multiple orgasms, CLICK HERE: for women to have multiple orgasms. How to approach her. Oct 16, - How to have multiple orgasms -- or at least have fun trying. it's often more effective for a woman to have her first orgasm through direct clitoral.

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Jul 21, - To get her in the mood, put in some effort. When it comes to a woman, the importance of conversation cannot be understated, so make it a point. Oct 9, - It might not be possible with the particular woman you're with. There's a lot involved, and a fair amount of it has nothing to do with you - her.