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OBJECTIVES: To determine the in vitro effects of cocaine on sperm motility and bovine mucus penetration because cocaine abuse is associated with decreased.

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Use of cocaine within 2 years of their first semen analysis has been found to be twice common in men with low sperm motility (OR = ,95% CI l.0, ) and in. Aug 9, - Dicks don't do well on drugs. We've talked about this before, but for a number of reasons – mostly because stimulants like MDMA and cocaine.

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Oct 15, - An experiment using human semen has found that cocaine may attach itself to the sperm of men who use the drug, entering an egg at the. May 20, - After excluding men with causes for azoospermia, the mean semen parameters for cocaine users were: volume ± ml; concentration.

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Feb 19, - Results of a recent study in an animal model of cocaine addiction show that paternal cocaine self-administration caused epigenetic changes. Oct 9, - The results, published today in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., suggest that sperm might carry cocaine or other toxins into an egg.

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Cocaine Excretion in the Semen of Drug Users. To the Editor: The belief that cocaine has aphrodisiac properties has prevailed among drug users for decades. Men who use marijuana and cocaine may experience changes in hormone levels that can affect sperm movement and lead to infertility. Anabolic steroids also.

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Jan 5, - Men who use cocaine may experience changes in their hormone levels that can affect sperm movement, which in turn can lead to infertility. Oct 8, - Men produce literally millions of sperm a day, but it is still common for Cocaine can lead to erectile dysfunction because the drug narrows the.

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Use of cocaine within 2 years of their first semen analysis has been found to be twice as common among men with sperm counts 6 mL (odds ratio [OR]. I have read articles that have shown cocaine use can alter the DNA and also attach itself to the sperm and travel up to the egg. Is this true? What do you think?

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Three mechanisms have been proposed for exposure of the conceptus to chemicals in semen: access of chemicals to the maternal circulation after absorption. Interestingly, however, there were no significant effects detected in in vitro assays of cocaine exposure (1 μM to 1 mM) using human sperm (Yelian et al., ).

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Dec 1, - Most babies exposed to cocaine during pregnancy do not have a birth defect. This has led to the suggestion that sperm could deliver cocaine. Jun 12, - Dear Alice,. I recently performed oral sex on a guy who had been using crack cocaine. He had been using for about three days straight.

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Jan 12, - In this study, the researchers trained male rats to lever-press for cocaine injections for 60 days, which is the length of time required for sperm to. Feb 9, - The fact that cocaine will negatively affect one's health shouldn't be a level changes in men which affect sperm movement, and thus cause.