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Read Mom`s Toilet - Free Sex Story on! Mom's Toilet But that caked on shit, oughta make these farts pretty unbearable." . Fetish stories?!

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Mom gets into more family swinging. Andy catches his Mom with Sally. Mother and son find love. and other exciting erotic at! Jan 8, - SEx stories, mom and son, Son poses nude for mom's painting collection I watched my mother painting as I entered the room. She rarely.

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Oct 24, - Fiction, Foot or shoe fetish, Humiliation, Incest, Scatology So if you don't feel in mood for that stuff don't read this story. Mum had held my hand on the long way though the hotel and I had enjoyed having my sexy mother by . “You enjoy eating mummy's shit right from mummy's little asshole, don't you? Evan didn't know exactly when his mother would need to shit but he knew it entered his mouth and tried his hardest to ignore his body trying to reject his fetish.

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Ambers Mom - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Knowing that meant that she had just taken a big healthy shit, I worked up an image of on her stomach, she said, "So tell me the extent of this butt fetish you have. "Well, lets just say I have quite a story to tell you when we get back to my place. Dec 22, - Their mother was silent, listening with a horrified look on her face. tiles of the bathroom floor, cleaning it of small pieces of shit and pools of piss. . fetish 66 stories Adoration of the partners, feet, hands and other body parts.

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Mar 1, - hi friends my name is john. i was from brazil my moms name is rosana age mom: yes son but u do not waste my shit u have to eat all my scat. Jul 31, - content like t Mom's Toilet Slave. This is my first attempt at writing a fetish story, and more parts are to come as this is not the whole story.

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Jul 31, - My kids have this weird fetish with ice water, but only at bedtime. 2 am when the middle of the night shit show starts because someone woke up with one leg out of their blanket. But, I digress, that's a story for another time. Mother and son trapped inside there house during a snowstorm. a delicious recipe made of our fuck fluids and the natural ingredients of mom's shit hole.